This website dedicated to my first short movie “Black Is The Light” is the beginning and the cornerstone of my own project, creating a production company, independent and decentralized aiming to release movies for free or on a pay what you want basis.

Black Is The Light is a musical narrative short, created to promote the music from the band Zato.
Initiated and written by Zato themselves, Black Is The Light tells the story of Anna and Sam, a french couple in crisis moving to Canada.
After several music videos collaborations, the band wanted to go for a longer, more narrative concept and contacted Benjamin Chagneux and I, Frankie Doguet to direct.
Made with a micro budget, out of a crowdfunding campaign, Black Is The Light was shot in 5 days by a small crew of friends (6 including Zato), between France and Canada. Zato took time to give some live concerts and recorded their new album.